At present goods leaving the UK to go to other EU member states are known as ‘dispatches or removals’ , the term ‘export’ is only used for goods leaving the UK to go to countries outside the EU. The system the Government uses to collect statistics on the trade in goods between member states  is known as Intrastat or EC Sales lists which many businesses will be familiar with. For businesses that exceed a certain threshold, they have to complete additional information known as Supplementary Declarations. After leaving the EU, businesses will no longer have to provide this information.

However, businesses will need to complete an export declaration. For businesses already trading with companies outside the EU this should be a familiar process. For businesses that do not trade outside the EU they may need to apply for an EORI number the link takes you to the Website. Your freight forwarder / customs broker will be able to do the customs declaration for you. However, you will need to ensure you provide them with the correct information in order to do this as the declaration is very important process in exports.

If you need any more information on this process and how it might affect your business then do not hesitate to contact us.