Top Logistics Strategies For Your Business

What Importers Need to Do

  1. If you don’t already have an EORI number, apply for one without delay. (This will only apply if you buy and sell only to other EU countries and not with any other countries.) The application is completed online here.
  2. Consider whether the Temporary Simplified Procedure will be applicable, and apply without delay. The application is completed online here.
  3. Importers need to identify the number and value of import transactions and identify the duty rate that will apply after Brexit. The UK Government are likely to publish a new Tariff in the coming weeks.
  4. Ensure that your supplier is giving accurate and complete information on their invoice, which will be needed to complete the TSP import declaration correctly. This includes the description of the goods, the tariff code, gross and nett weights, and true value.
  5. Find out whether any imports currently benefit from nil or lower tariff rates because of EU free trade agreements. Many of these will no longer apply after Brexit, meaning you will have to pay duties that did not previously apply. Details of current agreements can be found here. The UK government is in ongoing negotiations with other countries in pursuit of retaining the benefit of free trade agreements. The current status of these negotiations can be found here.